Frequently Asked Questions

The system is part of NSHE's overall procurement outreach and processing effort. It allows suppliers to register and manage business information with NSHE using unique login credentials. The information recorded for each supplier is comprehensive and allows the NSHE to better match business opportunities with suppliers capable of competing for a specific good or service.

The purpose of this system is not only to allow users to registers as a potential supplier, but to create a self service depot where business information, certifications, payment method, and bid notices can be managed. This system allows Purchasing staff to use the most current information to send email notices of university solicitation opportunities.

NSHE Supplier Registration is a three-step process:

  1. Register using a valid email address.
  2. The registrant will receive an email that will contain a link allowing them to activate their account.
  3. Once the account is activated, the registrant will be able to login into the system, select that they want to be a supplier, perform a search to verify whether their business is already in the system, and if not enter their business information.

IMPORTANT: Users may log into the Online Self Service Supplier Registration system with a valid username and password only after completing Steps 1 and 2 of the registration process. Inactivated accounts older than ten (10) business days will be deleted.

Suppliers who have already submitted their information into the system are encouraged to login regularly to verify and manage their information.

Once a supplier is fully registered, any individual employees of that supplier who have registered as a user for the business may change information pertaining to the supplier's account. Additionally, any individual employee of the supplier who has registered as a user may change information pertaining to their own user account (i.e. first name, last name, etc).

Any information changed that is deemed critical will first be reviewed by the NSHE Purchasing staff before a permanent change is allowed to take effect.

Users must register as a supplier with NSHE's Online Self Service Supplier Registration system in order to receive email notification of new, advertised solicitations. Announcements are sent out based on the commodities selected by the Supplier at the time of registration.

  • To register, see How do I register as a vendor in the system?
  • To modify your email settings:
    1. login to the system
    2. Click the "Your Profile" link
    3. Ensure that the checkbox labeled "Receive Emails" is checked

By following the directions for How do I request email notifications for new advertised soliciations?, you will also receive addenda notices for any solicitation which you have already been notified for. No additional step is necessary to request addenda notices.

If your password is not working, there is a "Forgot your Password?" feature on the Login page. Please use this to have your password reset and sent to you via email.

If you have problems accessing your account after attempting to recover your password, please contact support via email at

Links to each purchasing office's solicitations is listed on the Supplier Registration home page.

A spend category is a classification system that provides your business the ability to select from a listing the goods and/or services your business provides. During the registration process, you may choose the spend categories you would like associated with your business.


The first person registering in the system will not only be registering themselves as a user, but will also be registering the business they represent.

We do not want multiple entries in the system for the same business. When attempting to register for the first time, please use the search feature to see if your business has already been registered. If it has been, you may choose to add your user profile to the existing business entry by selecting the Business Name from the search results list. You will then be added as a user within the existing supplier profile once another registered user from your business has granted you access.

We ask that you direct all inquiries to or complete a Feedback request. Please include your question(s) or issue and our support staff will respond promptly.
Supplier Registration uses browser cookies to maintain some login information while you are logged into the system. If you are attempting to log into the Supplier Registration website, you will need cookies enabled to stay logged in.

Visit the Business Center North (BCN) website for insurance requirements at UNR, GBC, WNC, DRI, TMCC.

Visit the UNLV Risk Management and Safety website for insurance requirements at UNLV, CSN and NSC.

According to Wikipedia:

The phrase doing business as ... is a legal term used in the United States, meaning that the trade name, or fictitious business name, under which the business or operation is conducted and presented to the world is not the legal name of the legal person (or persons) who actually own it and are responsible for it ... The desired name might not have been registrable, or the business might be owned by another company, franchisee, or a sole proprietorship, resulting in all legally binding transactions taking place on behalf of the trading as name.

It is required by Nevada Revised Statutes that:

Every person doing business in this state under an assumed or fictitious name that is in any way different from the legal name of each person who owns an interest in the business must file with the county clerk of each county in which the business is being conducted a certificate containing the information required by NRS 602.020

To read more about this requirement, review the Nevada Revised Statute (TITLE 52 - CHAPTER 602) at